5 Popular Home-Based Business Ideas

Since receiving child support payments and back-child support payments for over twenty years, it’s no secret how that support has helped to provide for my child’s well-being. Fortunately I was able to use a portion of my child support funds to make more money by starting a small business. If you really give it some thought I am sure you too can come up with a home-based business idea that will help you provide a little something extra for your family.

It’s no secret that these are difficult economic times for many parents but particularly for parents who have only one income. Today everyone appears to need several streams of income and in this volatile and often unpredictable economy operating a home-based business is one available option.

Consider operating one of the 5 home-based businesses. None involve a lot of start-up money and although they won’t make you a millionaire, they will allow you to provide for the additional needs of your family. Believe it or not a one time in my life I have had to do each one.

1. Home work Tutor

Do you like to listen to your children read? Are you patient and caring? Do you visit the teacher’s store in your area buying little books that can help your own children read, write or do basic math? Would you like to help another child in your neighborhood? If you think you might be interested in helping children with their homework, become a homework tutor. There are busy parents who do not have the time to help their own children and would appreciate someone making sure their children understand and complete their homework. Remember parents are not only paying for your willingness to review their child’s home work, they are paying for your time and expertise. Make sure you provide parents with a weekly progress report and ask them to let their child’s teacher know they are working with a homework tutor, so your efforts will not be in vain.

2. Letter Writing Service

Several hundred years ago only clergymen and professionals were literate. Today even literate individuals need help writing letters, particularly written complaint letters and letters seeking a resolution or response to a concern. If you enjoy the research involved in helping to resolve everyday problems this may be the home-based business for you. There is little doubt that you will encounter a wide variety of needs as a professional letter writer and your goal is not to solve a problem but to write in such a way that you bring the problem to light. Think carefully about who might need your services and why and remember there is power in the pen or in the keyboard.

3. Mystery Shopper

Can you shop till you drop? Would you like to get paid to shop? This may be the home-based business that fits your schedule and fore fills your need to make extra money. Mystery shoppers, also known as secret shoppers have been around for many years. Their purpose is to complete service checks, performance evaluations and frontline evaluations along with other checks and balances requested by the company employing the mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers enable trained researchers to take a “birds-eye-view” of a shopper’s experience. It also allows management the opportunity to quickly and efficiently evaluate their business practices, deliverables, and employees from the perspective of a non-bias consumer. If you would like to learn more about becoming a mystery shopper visit: www.nationalshoppingservice.com

4. Community Foody

Do you have a food specialty? Is there a dish you prepare that is always a family favorite? Have you ever tried to sell your special cheesecake or gumbo? Today everyone seems to be consumed with thoughts of food, and why not since most of us have little time to cook or even think about cooking. The old adage “I owe, I owe, so off to work I go” is more true today than ever before. Take a look around your community and visit bakeries and cafes, is something missing? Is there a cafĂ© that would benefit from your double fudge pecan cluster ice cream or those lovely black currant scones? You may want to start small and deliver a few goodies to a local eatery in your area. You may want to sell your recipe to a local bakery or become a recipe developer for a number of restaurants in your area. Are you into recipe contest? Commercial food companies are always looking for a new original recipe and they are willing to pay. What have you got to lose? As Nike would say…”just do it!”

5. Teach Your Talent

Few people know that according to the No Child Left Behind legislation all school districts should be offering parent involvement opportunities to participating Title I parents. These opportunities may be in the form of a parent enrichment seminars/workshops. You can teach your talent and get paid for it. All Title I eligible schools have parent involvement funds that can only be used to provide parents with information that will assist them in helping their child achieve in school. Children cannot achieve when parents are homeless, jobless, illiterate and lack the skills to help their child do well in school. There are many people who have the skill and ability to teach resume writing, job seeking skills, tutor or teach adult reading, and help parents clean up their credit. If you think you could present this type of material in a professional manner, create a proposal and submit it to schools in your district. The funds available to provide these services to parent must be used or school districts will be penalized. This is a great way to make a real difference in your community.

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